Stopdigging is declared as a super company

For the second consecutive year, Stop Digging has qualified for the business magazine Veckans Affärer’s list of super companies in Sweden. The requirements are tough – only around one in every thousand of all Swedish companies meet the criteria.

The credit information company Bisnode and the business magazine Veckans Affärer annually take names from a list of Swedish super companies that meet several high demands in terms of growth, profit, return, efficiency, capital structure and financing.

The requirements are so tough that only a few of Sweden’s companies can live up to them. Of 430,000 surveyed limited companies, only 728 made it onto this year’s list. This corresponds to approximately one thousandth of the companies.

One of the super companies on the list is Stop Digging, headquartered in Helsingborg. Sluta Gräv is the
parent company of Stop Digging, which is the company’s international name.

“We are very proud to be on the list. This shows that we are a stable company with strong development. More and more people are discovering the benefits of using ground screws instead of concrete blocks,” said Richard Alm, CEO of Sluta Gräv/Stop Digging.

To qualify for the list is not enough to show good results over one or two years, but to have lived up to the tough demands of the list for four years in a row. Stop Digging also managed to make it on the list last year. That was the first year that it was possible, because the company had only been in existence for six years.

“This means that we have shown strong numbers from the start and that our business idea works. It’s nice to get it in black and white in this way, in an independent survey” says Richard Alm.

Sluta Gräv was founded in Sweden in 2012 and helps companies and individuals to mount ground screws for various types of construction projects, such as wooden decking, fences and small buildings. The advantage, compared to casting plinths, is that it saves time and avoids heavy labour, such as digging and casting. Stop Digging is available in 13 countries and is showing strong growth in Europe.

It is the fourteenth consecutive year that Bisnode and Veckans Affärer have published a list of “Super companies”. A jury does not vote for the companies; eligibility is based on financial statements from all Swedish limited companies that turned over more than ten million SEK in the previous year. The information is then weighed and carefully analysed.

Veckans Affärer is one of the biggest business magazines in Sweden. Bisnode provides business, markets and credit information.

Sluta gräv - årets superföretag för andra året i rad

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